Working through Business Challenges with Our Clients

Will you traverse the risky patches to take your business to where you want to go?

It’s the first big snowstorm of the season. Anywhere between 2” and 9” of snow is predicted between now and tomorrow morning, plus the potential for a meteorological bonus of freezing rain. Events all across Our Fair City are being canceled or delayed because it may get dicey, even though roads have been pretreated and road crews across the state are on hot standby.  And just 15 miles away, the snowfall could top 16 inches. Where are we going with this… working through business challenges can be as scary as a winter storm.

Black Ice Strategies is working through business challenges

Seems like a good time to talk about Black Ice Strategies, and what we’re about. The metaphor is obvious, the implications are not.

Managing uncertainty to tilt the odds in your favor with your new business

This vignette is a backdrop to explain the reasons for forming Black Ice, and why it might be relevant to you and your business.  So let’s break it down:

Fireplace – it’s so comfortable sitting in front of a fire when it’s raging outside.  Is not doing anything the right decision as you lead your business forward?

2” to  9” of snow –  This is a broad range of outcomes.  2” on pretreated roads may not be life-affecting at all.  9” on the other hand could shut areas down. How do you operate your business under this level of uncertainty?

Freezing rain – On top of this uncertainty, there is a worst-case scenario.  To what degree should you consider when moving your business forward?

Events canceled or delayed – the safe course of action is to cancel or delay new initiatives until you can clearly see your way forward.  Is that ever true?

Best plans include marketing strategy

It may get dicey, despite preparation – ‘… best-laid plans.’ But deciding to move forward with a new marketing strategy, or introduce a new product, or change your pricing without a plan is potentially foolhardy.

No better time than the present to plan for your business

Could be worse, just 15 miles away – In a vast storm covering hundreds of miles, 15 miles of tolerance is virtually nothing.  Are you prepared to implement a plan or pursue a course of action where you must ‘thread the needle?’

The principals at Black Ice are experienced entrepreneurs and business people that have faced challenges and are working through new business challenges as they arise.  Acquiring and losing customers, business expansion and contractions, raising money and working through due diligence, rapid experimentation to assess the viability of a new strategy or tactics… you get the idea.

We can become part of your team and collaborate with you, applying our collective experience and utilizing the qualitative and quantitative tools that we possess to help you construct, implement and execute on your plans to propel your business forward, in a way that balances risk and reward.

Establish and accomplish business goals

Bottom line, sometimes you have to navigate across black ice to get where you want to be. Helping you traverse the risky patches and optimize the odds of accomplishing your business goals is what Black Ice Strategies is all about. Working through business challenges is what we do best.

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