Recessions happen

Our economy is experiencing one of the longest expansion periods in our history.  Recessions happen. Recessions are inevitable. Both of these divergent inevitabilities, a growing, and a shrinking economy, represent threats and opportunities. 

Are you growing as fast as your competitors during the good times?

Are you prepared for the next contraction and positioned to slingshot out of that when the turnaround occurs?

Black Ice talks a lot about growing a business. But not a lot about the macro context for this growth.  Unless your business is countercyclical, you will be challenged in a downturn period. That said, there are actions that you can take while you hunker down and prepare for the upturn.

Cohen & Co

Here is a link to an excellent article penned by Cohen & Co that speaks to actions that you can take to leverage the opportunities in an economic downturn, and exit that in an even stronger position.

Creativity, tenacity, and commitment to your company’s mission are required no matter the economic conditions.  Taking advantage of the unique opportunities in a downturn can go a long way to building a recession-proof business.

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