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Paulette Duderstadt, Principal

Portfolio Client: Eye-bot Aerial Solutions

Eye-bot Aerials Solutions (www.eye-bot.com ) is a drone data company focused on three service areas – consulting for data collection utilizing drones, collecting drone data (either directly or through third-party drone operators) and processing that data for transformation into 4D digital twins, generated through various visualization software applications.   These digital twins enable heavy industries to safely and predictively manage their construction assets,  from the pre-construction phase through decommissioning.  These models are used by multiple departments, including construction management, safety and vendor management.

Eye-bot works primarily in the Oil & Gas industry, specifically with the supermajors.   The Owner of Eye-bot is a selling CEO, and his direct selling efforts have enabled the company to grow organically using revenue from its customers.  These project types exhibit long sales cycles that are difficult for a small industry participant to support financially.  Among the alternatives for mitigating the impact of this sales cycle dynamic is selling through multiple channels that are contracting for services in different phases of the sales and construction cycles.

The business had been operated based on the Owner’s knowledge and understanding of the industry and has lacked a structured approach to achieving a  jump to the next level of corporate development. A key aspect of the engagement was to crystallize a strategy for expanding the business beyond the CEO’s increasingly limited bandwidth. Black Ice worked collaboratively with the CEO to:

  • Construct the company’s first business plan that structured  all of the aspects of the Eye-bot growth plans – key differentiators and value proposition, the competitive landscape, the addressable market and market segmentation, the marketing strategy and execution plan, the product roadmap and a multi-year financial model
  • Identified the various industry participants, including Construction companies, Engineering firms, Construction vendors and Asset management vendors and devised the marketing plans to activate and utilize them as resellers
  • Worked with the management team to develop and implement a an expanded product roadmap, based on customer discovery techniques that had not been previously employed by the company
  • Identified and engaged  the appropriate constellation of service providers to support Eye-bot in its next stage of growth (legal,  accounting, tax and HR)
  • Serve as the company’s CMO & CFO, working at  both the  strategic and execution levels on a daily basis

As the plan was being created, Black Ice engaged with the CEO with meetings with potential strategic partners and channel partners.  The company is now on track to double its revenue, understand where it is financially, and is successfully marketing to its international sales channel partners. 

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Portfolio Client: Muhlenkamp

“The Muhlenkamp method is simple and frank. We don’t need to schmooze over cocktails and lobster. We’re more meat and potatoes. We get our hands dirty as we plan and prioritize, manage and multiply your money using time-honored strategies we’ve perfected over decades.”

Muhlenkamp is a local, family-owned wealth management firm, founded over 40 years ago, that had relied almost exclusively on word-of-mouth promotion and awareness before engaging Black Ice.  As the noise level in the financial services segment continues to increase, it was apparent to the owners that a more aggressive approach to marketing was required to rise above that noise.

Muhlenkamp & Co. and Black Ice Strategies collaborated to expand the firm’s marketing strategy.

Working together:

  • Developed a marketing framework that put forth the strategy and various actionable  elements of that strategy
  • Constructed a comprehensive gameplan of detailed marketing executions
  • Implemented those executions in a variety of ways, ranging from social, digital, webcasts, webinars, e-bill board and radio spots
  • Designed and implemented a new website
  • Developed a full brand package to update the ‘look and feel’ across every external-facing aspect of the firm
  • Developed the means to quantify and measure the ROI generated by the marketing activities, including a KPIs dashboard, documenting the sales process and optimizing the output of that sales process in the form of a sales funnel

Learn more about Muhlenkamp and see their brand spanking new website.