Identifying and Executing the Path Forward for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Leadership Teams

There are twists and turns all along the way in every business journey. Our focus is on moving businesses forward in a positive manner. In addition, we want growth for your business at every business stage — starting, ramping, scaling and sustaining.

When we first meet, we will ask you these questions about your business:

  • Is the business strategy you are pursuing consistent with the current state of your target markets and a bridge to achieving your future goals?
  • Are your executions and tactics directly aligned with your organization’s strategy?
  • Is the value of your strategy being validated through the top and bottom-line growth, and directly mapping to ROI and the value of your business?


Working with Black Ice Strategies will result in a defined, executable business strategy with a unique positioning in your target market(s). During that process, we will start executing the right actions together. Don’t worry, if your business took a wrong turn somewhere, we will help you to course-correct and get back on the right path. We deliver a better process and strategy for businesses at every stage.

For those organizations that are executing but need to increase trajectory, strategic marketing can be the essential ingredient to accelerate growth.  We can help you establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with the defined mission and time frame, aligned with your organization’s capacity for implementation.

Above all, a business strategy with no action is just an idea. And, execution without a strategy is just throwing darts.



When Black Ice engages,  it doesn’t equate to our Principals sitting in a conference room spewing wisdom, writing 100-page reports or adding to your already-overloaded work schedule.  When we engage, we go to work, collaborating with you to advance your business and providing an output that will help you to advance your business to the next level. Engaging with Black Ice is essentially expanding your management team.

And speaking of output, while every client has different needs, below is a partial  list of what is typically produced throughout the course of a working relationship with Black Ice:

Your plan has to be ready for multiple audiences — from investors to customers to bankers and channel partners. Our approach allows you to communicate your go-forward plans with every constituency. A typical Business Building & Expansion plan includes:

  • Product/service positioning and differentiation
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Channel strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Product or services roadmap
  • Pricing strategies
  • Multi-year financial model
  • Summary financial model
  • Sales funnel and funnel analytics
  • Performance dashboard
  • Cash flow tracking and forecasting
  • Weekly status report and work log


  • Investability scorecard
  • Capitalization scenarios
  • Ask / Use Of Funds
  • Public comparables and Valuation Analysis

Marketing Strategy & Executions

  • Persona Identification and Development
  • Characterize Audience –  Current and Prospect(s)
  • Marketing Strategy – Short and Long Term Goals
  • Channel Structures and activation strategies
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Define/ Prioritize Execution(s) including, but not limited to Editorial calendar and content assistance
  • Marketing Programs and Related Budgets

Next Steps

Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to identify, architect and implement actions that will impose strategic clarity and identify executions that will positively impact your organization’s financial results and drive business growth.
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