Has COVID Changed the Recruitment Strategy?

How will your business retain the very best talent in the current workplace environment?

We’ve written about the future of things in a post-COVID work environment.  Perhaps a better phrase for the foreseeable future is a managed-COVID world. The short of it is that the current workplace seems to be rewiring itself before our eyes.  Has COVID changed the recruitment strategy for your business?

The three stages of remote working:

  • Denial – “This is a temporary change to how we work.  We’ll be back in our office soon.  Besides, it’s kinda cool to be working from home and spending more time with my family.”
  • Anger – “Apparently, we’re in this for the long-haul. I’m struggling to home-school and work a full-time job.  Besides, my children are going nuts at home, and not learning at the pace that they should be.  And I’m tired of wearing my pj’s all day, every day!”
  • Acceptance – “The workplace will likely be changed to some degree for an extended period of time. New models for remote working are emerging.  Technology to support this is being released to the marketplace as we speak (or write). Hybrid approaches for teaching and learning are occurring at every educational level. It’s gonna be a while, but we’ll get through this.”

Speaking of new technology, Owl is selling a really cool remote camera.  It ain’t cheap, but it enables a room full of people to videoconference with a conference full of their counterparts in a much more realistic way.

Owl has performed research and compiled data to identify how to recruit and retain the very best talent in the current workplace environment.  Have a go at the link below.  It’s an interesting read and may stimulate some new thoughts about conducting business in the managed-COVID world.

As Published by Owl, State of RemoteWork 2020, COVID edition.

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