What you may not know about Artificial Intelligence

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Even those on the outside looking in the current topics that dominate the technology, you’ve likely heard the phrases ‘big data’, ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ and ‘machine-to-machine learning (M2M)’.  

Big data doesn’t mean a gigantic spreadsheet. AI is just that, artificial, and can be quite good at differentiating between a cat and a dog, but still struggles to understand causality. In Stephen King’s 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive, trucks and cars operated autonomously and in collaboration in order to rid the planet of humans.

The technology tools that we have today will play a critical role in stopping the spread of the pandemic.  Data analytics, AI and smart machines / IOT will all combine to contribute to the development of tactics to combat and prevail over COVD-19.  But they’re just tools to assist carbon-based lifeforms (that’s us) to implement short- and long-term solutions.

To get a better sense of what AI is, and how we’ve been enjoying its benefits for years, Google penned a great blog that describes this in understandable terms:


So, don’t worry…at least for now.