Black Ice Strategies

Earlier in our careers, we spent our time just like you do – as founders, business owners, executives, and leaders. At Black Ice, we don’t apply a warmed-over version of someone else’s process or a textbook approach.  We roll up our sleeves, get to work and apply those decades of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your team to propel your business forward. While we are located in Pittsburgh and most of our working sessions take place in front of a whiteboard. We thoroughly enjoy digital engagements on Google Hangout!

  • We’ve helped businesses architect strategy and implement tactics that have resulted in a stronger brand, greater market presence, and improved financial results. 
  • We have worked with business leaders to develop and implement strategies for making decisions that have had a dramatic impact on the trajectory and ROI.
  • We also understand that sometimes it’s easy to navigate off course,… there are slips and slides, and even bends in the road. But getting back on the road is what’s really important.

Our experiences as both entrepreneurs and business advisors have resulted in performing a breadth of work, across multiple domains. We cover all sectors: B2B/B2C, service/product, hardware/software and for-profit/non-profit. Specific industries include:

  • Deep technologies
  • Social impact
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Education
  • Labor unions
  • Government

Meet Us

Paulette Duderstadt

Principal, Marketing Strategist

Paulette delivers strategic marketing value to B2B, B2C customers in various verticals and helps her clients with marketing executions that build trust, communities, and customers, and she integrates marketing to support an effective organizational business plan.

Dan Seitam

Principal, Business Strategist

Dan serves as an advisor or interim CEO, CFO, COO providing strategy, execution and operational planning, market assessment/sizing/segmentation, competitive analysis, financial forecasting, valuation and exit strategies, and funding preparation.

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