The Top 30

The Top 30 isn’t 30 things to do. Rather, it’s how to view and target subject matter on social media. The 30/30/30 Rule is not really a rule at all, but the way you should look at social content. Whether you want to launch your business and you want the world to know, hire new people, or share a community service event, posting unique content on your social channels is important.  So how should the 30/30/30 Rule apply to your business?

every business should have a strategy to post unique content on its social media channels
Sharing or liking or even commenting on social posts expands your reach and says that you are paying attention.

Be a Leader

30% of the time — be A LEADER  in your industry on social. Social media is not just for the tech-savvy.  And, it’s not just a fad or waste of time. Post about trends, business challenges, and business outcomes, and information that is simply forward-thinking.

Be a Cheerleader

30% of the time — be an A CHEERLEADER for your business.  Share information about your employees and their accomplishments, workplace culture, an industry or community recognition, new business acquisition, and milestones. If you are looking to recruit talent, they want to be part of something special.  Too often social media managers are laser-focused on posting all about the business. It’s not all us, us, us in the business world.

Be an Advocate

30% of the time — be an ADVOCATE or AMBASSADOR for your community. Community means your employees, your clients, your neighborhood, and everything that you are passionate about.  It may be raising awareness for an important fundraising event like a 10k walk that is aimed to do good.

So what happened to the other 10%? SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE.  Sharing or liking or even commenting on social posts expands your reach and says that you are paying attention. So share what’s important to your business and to you. Social media has given everyone a voice.  

Social media has given everyone a voice.  

You may want to elect not to get involved in hot-button discussions. Staying away from controversial topics that are on social media is generally another good rule.  There are times when topics may resonate with or impact your customers/audience. You still may want to avoid making any statements on social media, rather share the voice of other people so that their voice is heard.  Pause, then be honest, be transparent, and respond with a tone that represents your brand values. If the issue is actually a customer service issue, respond immediately to calm the customer then moving the conversation to an email or offline with a phone call is generally best.